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Waxing Poetic: Angel Number Medallion 555 Change

$66.00 $33.00

Tokens are not trivial. Patterns can give purpose. The seemingly tiny or made-cute-by-familiarity is more powerful than most in charge would want you to know. Notice Angel Numbers. Yes. Make these into wearable medallions? Yes. Because we are here for the comforting part of superstitions and hand-felt-faith. Because anyone pretending not to notice small moments of wonder is wasting precious life. Because why not.

Angel Number Medallions, coin-shaped and cast out of sterling silver, framed with a brass halo, each bearing a word on one side and a 3-digit Angel Number on the other. Choose from a suite of 8, each with an accompanying word for the wearer:

The message of 555 moves our mindset beyond fear. Wear this to welcome change as the only real constant. A reminder to prepare yourself for something better that is waiting along your divine path.

Sterling Silver & Brass