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Judy Blue: Red High Waist Tummy Control Jeans

$62.00 $49.00


This is THE PAIR ladies! The pair of jeans you're going to pull for every single day.. even if you've already worn them the last 3 days! And they come in multiple gorgeous colors for every occasion! They have insane stretch from the waistband to the thighs, A BUILT IN TUMMY CONTROL PANEL, and that on trend straight crop fit! They are everything we love in a jean and we can't wait to share them with you! 

Ladies you will feel SO confident in these jeans! The tummy control panel smooths EVERYTHING out in the most magic way. They are NOT uncomfortable in the tummy.. it's more like the best hug you've ever received. It just magically keeps the area smooth and you feeling SO confident! Have a c-section pouch? This can help smooth it all out with ultimate comfort!

The stretch on these in unreal! These jeans are so comfortable and you will never want to change out of them! You'll come home and instead of changing out of work pants to a pair of sweats, you're going to change INTO these! They're that comfortable! And they have a built in tummy control panel!

Sizes 1-15: Size down from your true odd size! They have amazing stretch!

PLUS:14w-24w Size down 1 from your true street size!