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Waxing Poetic: Poetic Heart - Kristal Heartstar Necklace


Love. Ah, Love. That rapturous feeling that fires our passion and catapults us into new and thrilling possibilities is the same that calls us to be vulnerable. It is this dual nature of love that we explore in our iconic Poetic Heart collection. Here, the Kristal Heartstar Necklace features beams of sterling silver light that radiate out from a store of shiny crystals set in creamy brass, symbolizing the wild discovery, opening and connection that love brings. Just as every loving act is in some way an act of retaliation against darkness and confusion, the Poetic Heart knows what it needs to illuminate, and it does so with courage and attention. A Poetic Heart lies within each of us, and in it, intense emotion that cannot be contained when it is lit. We say listen to the yearning and let out all that gorgeous energy.

Activate your Poetic Heart on the daily. Radiate the essence of love itself. And be astonished as your own heart (and self), grow.

Ceramic Coated Brass & Crystals

18" + 2” ext.