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Waxing Poetic: Clair de Lune

$55.00 $22.00

Moonlight compels, this is undeniable. 19th century French poet Paul Verlaine was so moved by moonlight that he wrote a poem (Claire de Lune) as a kind of reflection back, which in turn inspired composer Claude Debussy to borrow the name/translate the light into the third movement of his piano Suite bergamasque, which in turn inspired more composers, artists, designers, writers, and makers, and now, we too: A little offering of warmth and light back to the moon by way of everyone who knows what that shimmering brief beam feels like. A kind of illustration. A crescent (of course) moon shape, cast in brass, and filled with both bright and blackened silver-hued sparkling crystals, hangs from a sterling silver halo and waits for its chance to blink a message back. 

Ceramic Coated Brass, Sterling Silver & Crystals